Leadership Team

John A. Williams III


John Williams III serves as the President and CEO of J. Williams Industrial Group, Inc. As one of the original founders of J. Williams Industrial, John’s dedication and unrelenting commitment to providing the highest quality services available to our clients has built our team into what we are today. Under John’s leadership J. Williams Industrial has grown into a true market competitor, and continues to build our team into the most sought after Industrial, Mechanical, Commercial and Electrical Contractor in the region. 

John A Williams, Jr

Vice President of Industrial Maintenance and Repair Division

John Williams Jr, serves as the Vice President of Industrial Maintenance and Repair Division. John oversees the operations of all industrial, mechanical, commercial and electrical maintenance and repair operations. Being one of the founding members of J. Williams Industrial, he has been instrumental in building our reputation and work ethic. With his dedication, innovation, experience, and a personality that’s bigger than life, we have pushed J. Williams Industrial into the forefront of Industrial, Mechanical, Commercial, and Electrical contractors serving Northeast Florida and Southeast GA.

Larry Turknett

Vice President of Healthcare, Commercial, and Government Division

Larry L. Turknett joins J. Williams Industrial as Vice President of the Healthcare, Commercial, and Government Division . Larry has almost 40 years of experience in the Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing Design and Construction Services which includes working with most of the hospitals in Northeast Florida. His vast experience in the healthcare field is recognized and he regularly supports groups working with the Agency for Healthcare Administration in new and existing project analysis. Larry has also been involved in some of the largest commercial and government projects in Florida, including Courthouses, Schools and Colleges, Hospitality Facilities, Total Energy Plants, City, State and Federal Office and support buildings, and Commercial Office and Retail Buildings and Facilities of all sizes and capacities. Larry’s experience in Company Operations will continue to make J. Williams Industrial into the best and most diverse employer for the highly skilled workforce that will be needed for the future in Northeast Florida.

Kevin White

Vice President of Administrative Operations

Kevin White serves as the Vice President of Administrative Operations and our Director of Health, Safety and Environmental Department. Under Kevin’s leadership our HSE Division has developed and maintained all of our Health and Safety policies exceeding the regulated minimum safety practices , introduced in house training programs, spearheaded our from the top down safety involvement as well as our “Safety Starts With me” initiative.

Kevin has a strong history of service to others. Kevin is a US Army Veteran who served as a Combat Medic, along with over 15 years of service as a FireFighter, Paramedic, and Hazardous Materials Specialist with one of the largest Fire Departments in the country. He also has earned multiple safety certifications and degrees in the HSE field. Kevin’s service to the safety and health of others has been key to the development and implementation of our outstanding safety program.

Jeremy Williams

Commercial and Government Project Manager

Ron Corbin

Sr. Government Project Manager

George Hinson

Sr. Electrical Project Manager